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a new portfolio

Today before start this post, I was reading the portfolio introduction post made about 16 months ago. I feel strange to see how prophetic some of the words was at that time, writing about the possibility to change the photo into the portfolio as my personal taste will shift. What a change is moving from color to black and white, the journey around it took me 12 months to get there and it is not done yet. I feel it is the right time to share the shift, my passion and result again.

Here you can find how it looks now. I do not want to say it is better, it is different for sure and it is matching my actual view about photography. Could it change again? why not. Person feeling arrived at the top will never grow more and will start to decline.

It could be change in the photo, in the technique, in the way to post process them, because the need to share a new journey around the photography or to some place recently discovered. I like to think it as a dynamic album when new things are coming in and old things are moving out, not because new is better than old but because I like it more or is matching my view / style at that time.

The only thing will not change is the number of photo, it is up to 15 and it will stay there. Selection process is not an easy one but it is part of the photographer skill to be developed.

The portfolio is the main outcome from the journey in the photography and travelling in different places. It is far to be a single project, it is more a summary about what I have the pleasure and the luckiness to see in these years and in what will come. 


Born in Italy and photographer for passion. My father gave me the first camera. After many years taking film picture, I stopped doing it for almost 15 years. Since I move to China for work and having chance to visiting beautiful places I bought a digital camera and restart from zero. Here you can see my result. Hope you like it and thanks in advance for your comments. Ciao Gianluca