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why black and white?

I am working to revise all my photos and post process all of them again to black and white. The portfolio is online here and more albums are on their way to the www soon. The idea started to come into my mind more than one year ago, when the journey around the street photography had it begin. I immediately processed in a B&W conversion from the first photo. In my mind was and is still the best way for it.

I would like the viewer to focus mainly on the scene, the message more than into the color. I was coming from landscape colorful photo shared in different social network and the most attractive photo are those with stunning color, the scene is coming after. I am trying to build something different where my taste feels more comfortable with. I would like to get feedback for the composition, the message and not for my skill to pop up very saturated color.

The B&W conversion is allowing a completely different approach in the light room, where subject, composition and light are the only things that matter. I know the world is full of color, but everything can be reduced to a multiple level of greys, and so I am pursuing in this direction. Do I miss it? not really so much, my photography mindset is in the journey to switch completely to the black and white view. When I look to a new photo in color, one of the first questions, if not the first, is "how will it look in B&W?"' From there my view - brain start to figure out how it could be in multi tonal grey. For the majority of them the final conclusion is that it will look much better in black and white than color.

The BW is giving me a completely different feeling, it looks much more comprehensive and it force to focus on detail both when I take the picture and when I make it in the post process. it is better? I do not know, for sure I like it more and I am very pleased with what I get so far. I am growing and improving every day my skills are changing and my taste too.

I am getting more comfortable with the post process, the background is enough to support my idea and for the first time i can say I developed my own post process flow.

Here is where the journey into photography has taken me now, tomorrow it is unknown. There is a ton of work waiting, thousands and thousands of photos to view again, select, make them as I like and share. It is not a new start, it is in the middle of the journey and I am eager to see where it will take me next.