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Longji album

As part of my sharing experience, I am planning to write post about my past travels. There will be a new post about every month, with a new location and not more than 10 photos to share. The location will be described with some details, the purpose is not have a travel guide. There are always some links about the location visited and to have more information you can contact me via email. I can assure, you will get all information on my hand without any second purpose such as workshop or travel proposal, I have a daily job and this is here just to share my passion and give you the best chance to visit those places. The firs location I'd like to introduce is base in south of China. Longji (龙脊梯田) is locate in north eastern part of Guangxi province, the easy way to go there is take a train or flight to Guilin and a bus or private car to the area. The name in Chinese means dragon's backbone due to the terrace shape.


The rice grows in narrow terrace along the hills side, this is where the name is coming from. In the past it was a way of surviving for the local community, now even do is planted every year it work as a tourist attraction.


All over the year there are three important time when to visit the area. In autumn, around 1st week of October, when the rice is ready to pick and it turn to a beautiful yellow color. In winter, January and February, if lucky enough the terrace are covered by a layer of fresh snow and finally in spring, May - June, when the terrace are flooded. The photos above are taken during a 3 days stay in the area at early of October, the next plan is to be there in June for the next round of photos. Links