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Yangshuo album

Continuing on the sharing, today place can be part of the same trip to Longji. The best is to stop first in Yangshuo (阳朔) and after travel North to Guilin and Longji later on, if not interested to cruise the Li river. Yangshuo is the arrival point of the cruise along the Li river, departure port is in Guilin. The cruise is a good chance to see most of karsts along the way, that makes this area famous.

The area is well known for the environmental small hills along the river and in some internal area. A must see is the night show along the river is Impression of Sanjie Liu, it is representing a love legend from a local minority. What is more impressive is most of the actors are all locals fisherman very skillful on maneuvering the small boats, the director is the famous Zhang Yimou, who directed open and closing ceremonies in 2008 Olympic Games. The show is performed in a beautiful natural amphitheater along the river close to Yangshuo.

There are many spots along the river and some of the hills can be climbed to have a top view of the natural area, renting a small boat with a local fisherman it gives an interesting experience about the area.