This year, as always, brings challenges and opportunities; it is up to me to transform the first into the second.
The limitation on travelling, in particular in the first part of the year, gave me the chance to explore much more the local area and to travel around the country. As a side note, I am leaving in China; things here had been manage quicker and effectively.
Some of the photos are dated back to 2019 but developed in the last year; this is the reason why they are considered part of the 2020-year selection.
There is quite a variety of subject in them, as this does not represent a single project or topic but linked to a fix period. Even if the work itself is not organic, it always resonate with the subjects displayed in my portfolios. At a first look, nature related photos are the majority, 7 out of 10, where the human impact is minimal or not present at all. The poles and Florence view are what cannot be considered natural.
The two major journeys in the year are representing the high part of the selection, 7 out of 10. One is a trip to the center of Italy made in 2019, while the second is the first visit to Huangshan between end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. This is followed by a second journey made in these days, more detail will follow in a separate post, the intention is to transform it in an open project with additional traveling in different seasons to create a dedicated portfolio about this location. The other three photos are taken in some local area around the city of Yangzhou, the place where I am leaving now.
Another common trait between them is that all are referring to details about the location, the grand vista are not represented at all for mainly two reasons.
The places does not offer possibility to take wide view photos; the weather condition in the days where I was out to take photos emphasised the detail too.
I have the personal feeling that my photography style is moving in the direction of a more intimate landscape where the focus is not to show the place but to transfer an emotion created by the landscape. This does not mean the grand vista cannot transfer an emotion, but I find it coming more natural with the first type of photography, where the importance of the place is not considered as a factor.

Ponte vecchio

I took the photo at the sunset in one of the most iconic places in Florence. Clearly, this is a long exposure while the sun was setting down. The pastel tonality in the sky and houses is what make me decide to present it in color. The long exposure stirring the clouds all along the sky with the smooth water give to it a sense of calm and tranquillity.


These photos are part of the Italian trip too, in a location between Tuscany and Umbria.
The poles in the lake presented in two different shapes and sizes, always with a long exposure, are representing two complete different views about a similar subject.
Clearly the poles are not the same but the possibility to frame them in a similar view was there. In the first, the pole shape is a dominant factor along with the texture in the sky, giving to the image a strong and predominant subject.
The second has a minimalist approach the poles are sharp but no so predominant and they transfer to the viewer a less detailed image but a calm scene.


The trees in autumn with fog and leaves covering the ground are a peaceful and calm sensation about how the day was. It is a nice place discovered in a public park after many visit to the local area.
The transition from a clearly visible and detailed foreground to a soft and foggy background is what makes this photo representative of the people life.
Not always what is in front of us is fully defined but still visible in some degree. Imagination or informed guess can help to make the view clearer.

Single  tree

A single tree in spring time, in a cold day around a dark background, help to emphasize the blossoming flower. The flowers all around the external shape of the tree are making it stand out even more against the background. There is not a smooth transition but a sudden change from white to black, retaining the eyes in the central part of the frame.


Another intimate photo taken in a public park, being consistent and go out at least once a week help to discover interesting subject. The plant was partially visible from the walking path, at the first sight I did not pay attention to it. After a few steps I realized there could be something interesting there. Going back and looking around the frame slowly visualize in my mind.
Summer hot days, does not usually help to make the best photos, but there is always something with to evaluate as a potential image. The shallow depth of field, the lighter color in front and the repeating shape from left to right in the frame are the catching eyes here.

Huangshan trees

This and the following photos are all coming from the same trip to the Huangshan Mountain. A place located in central China and famous for mountains often surrounded by mist and cloud in the cold seasons.
The somehow similar shape between the two trees in foreground and background along with the decision to develop it as a high contrast photo, it is what makes the view interesting and appealing. The high key sky is not disturbing the view but it helps to emphasize the tree in the foreground and link it to the shape in the background.


The clear view in front bottom right with the cloud coming up to partially hide the back, similar to seek and hide game, are what make this photo interesting. The rock and trees with a lot of detail in the foreground are an anchor point for the viewer. The right bottom to left top rocks diagonal is leading the viewer eye to explore the photo, while the clouds in the opposite corners give to it a good sense of balance.

Frozen tree

Standing alone from the rock in a frozen environment, looking down to the valley, make the viewer move from detailed to out of focus area. The white frozen snow accentuate the left side and anchor the view. A similar effect is coming from the out of focus area on the right side against a detailed and sharp area on the left side. Both are forcing the viewer to move back the eyes to the left side where the main subject is.

Mountain and shadow

A game of rising fog along with dark cliffs makes this a must to be black and white photo. The light helps to emphasize shapes all around the frame. The rays of light pointing to the tree in the foreground are creating an eye movement back and forth from these two bright areas. A classical photo about this location can be found in many Chinese photographer books.