I always add this idea to share my passion and experience with others, creating this blog is one of the means in my hand to make it happen.

I like to discover new places, they do not necessarily has to be fancy and glamorous, but bring joy and emotion to my soul. Even the same park close to where I am living bring new discovery by the transformation happening with the seasons passing by. Being in the same place at different times of the year, it gives the same feeling as discovering a new place every time.

I am fortunate enough to live in a very interesting country and born in what can be considered one of the most beautiful country in the world.

My jobs for many years took me around the world and going back to my hometown gives me many chances to explore and discover new places.

The photography is the art form I embraced to record and share my journey around those locations.

The result first has to please my soul, not as a form of selfishness, but as a reminiscence about the emotion.

The series of post about the different locations are my way to share experiences and emotions with all of you. As I see it, the journey is without an end and the discovery is the journey itself. The place is important as long as it can generate emotions to me and to the viewers.

Now a brief introduction about how the post are presented and what is the content on them. First, what they are not. It is not a travel guide or location description, this is easy to find in the World Wide Web. It is not a photography guide too. I am available to share the location where I took the photo. It is about my soul and discovery journey, not in an explicit term, but whatever posted is significant for my person.

The posts contain a brief description about the itinerary, locations and photography suggestions, in very general term. Photos are an important part of it, to share my view and discovery.

The images are taken along the journey and there represent interesting places and subjects. Not all of them are worth to add in my portfolio or as the best photo of the year. I select them to show to the post reader the photographic possibility about the area visited.

I am always available to share more information about the places visited or whatever can be interesting. Looking forward to take you together with me along the journey.