The last two years photos are the base for the 2020 portfolio review; there was not a formal update at the end of 2019. There are mainly two factors emerging from the photo selection. First by significant change in my photo style, I noticed a clear trend to intimate, small scene photos, compare to the grand vista made in the past. This is partially due to the travel restriction implemented in 2020, but the change starts in 2019 already. In fact, it begins after I moved to a new location, where there are more opportunities to take photos and the intimate landscape is the predominant genre possible. Best 2020 year photos selection confirms the change in the photos style. The second change, probably even more significant than the first, it is the decision to add some photos in color, instead of keeping all of them in black and white. From now on there are going to be separate pages where to display color and black and white photos within the same portfolio. There is also a full page where colors photos are visible all together. There are new and old photos edited now in color, the main reason behind it is because I found those images much more impactful in colors In fact the colors are a key factor to have them in the portfolio otherwise they look nothing worth of consideration. The selection of the 2020 best photos is the base to revise the image selection pages; in fact, not this is year revision is not involving all portfolios. Some of them are untouched for a couple of years now as I lost interest in the street photography. It is something on the back of my mind to revamp soon or later but there is not a clear plan for it. Moreover, the intention to move to a medium format camera is not clearly the best tool for this genre. An option could be to use a mobile phone, as there are some very capable now. As of now, the evaluation process did not start yet; it looks like a long shot to go. What I would like to have is an equipment capable to deliver an image quality enough for a 30x40am print. This is where some additional experiment are required before make a final decision about it. I am stopping my rant here, as this is probably the topic for a dedicated post. Going back to the original subject, there are few portfolio revised. The main portfolio is now showing photo from the last two years journey, Huangshan and the central region in Italy, as well as the “landscape portfolio” revision because of them. “cityscape” and “shadow” portfolio are revised base on the many visit to the city of Shanghai, as it is relatively close to where I am living now.

Huangshan tree

The photo is part of the first trip to the Huangshan Mountain. It is a place located in central China and famous for mountains often surrounded by mist and cloud in the cold seasons. The somehow similar shape between the two trees in foreground and background along with the decision to develop it as a high contrast photo, it is what makes the view interesting and appealing. The high key sky is not disturbing the view but it helps to emphasize the tree in the foreground and link it to the shape in the background.

Mountain and shadow

A game of rising fog along with dark cliffs makes this a must to be black and white photo. The light helps to emphasize shapes all around the frame. The rays of light pointing to the tree in the foreground are creating an eye movement back and forth from these two bright areas. A classical photo about this location can be found in many Chinese photographer books.

Mountain in the cloud

The clear view in front bottom right with the cloud coming up to partially hide the back, similar to seek and hide game, are what make this photo interesting. The rock and trees with a lot of detail in the foreground are an anchor point for the viewer. The right bottom to left top rocks diagonal is leading the viewer eye to explore the photo, while the clouds in the opposite corners give to it a good sense of balance.

Ponte vecchio

I took the photo at the sunset in one of the most iconic places in Florence. Clearly, this is a long exposure while the sun was setting down. The pastel tonality in the sky and houses is what make me decide to present it in color. The long exposure stirring the clouds all along the sky with the smooth water give to it a sense of calm and tranquility.

Skyline Shanghai

The bund, the most famous place in Shanghai, shoots at the sunset. The photo is a panorama shot, I preferred it to the wide angle lens picture to get more detail for the building and focus the view to the skyline instead of adding the surrounding area. It is one of the two photos in color added this year to the portfolios.


The trees in autumn with fog and leaves covering the ground are a peaceful and calm sensation about how the day was. It is a nice place discovered in a public park after many visit to the local area.

The transition from a clearly visible and detailed foreground to a soft and foggy background is what makes this photo representative of the people life. Not always, what is in front of us is fully defined but still visible in some degree. Imagination or informed guess can help to make the view clearer.