Hills X

A new portfolio revision is on line since few days, it contains new photo taken in past 2 years, roughly till end of 2018. I decided not to put the most recent work because I have the impression my judgement is not completely free from the emotion felt while shooting them. The time passed between the photo and the choice is not long enough to clean them up from all memories associated to it. Including the most recent work does not give me an objective evaluation base in the emotions of seeing the photo only but it is linked to all what happened on the moments around when it was taken. To compare myself objectively and having a similar emotion like the viewer, it requires to leave the photo age for 3-4 months at least before evaluating them for the next portfolio review. Those are the reason behind the decision to include only photo from 2018 and later. There are many new photos from new location for me, such as Sicily, Tuscany and Hong Kong, and those are visible in existing album plus a new section called "shadow". That it is mainly filled in with long exposure photo captured in the cities at dark to make people moving across the frame like ghost. I took some inspiration from a book from Alexey Titarenko "city of shadow". It is sold out and I do not have information about a new print of it. I was fortunate enough to find a brand new copy few years ago. In the next weeks / month I will present each of the new location through a short blog. As usual you will found a brief description and some of the photo about the location. If you are interested to know more about them both, photo and location, fell fee to contact me. I will be glad to share my suggestion and experience in more detail. I am delighted to share my journey around the photography with you.